domingo, 7 de fevereiro de 2010

National Geographic Channel

These are some pictures while filming a documentary for the National Geographic Channel about the the Naturalist George Schaller that I had the honor to guide, he is the first biologist to study jaguars in the pantanal in 1977. That is me and Peter Crawshaw that was George assistent and is the most experient jaguar research in Brazil
Me and George posing during a break.

Interview for the show.


That was a great tour, very nice folks, Fred Stoever(NY) my "assistent engeneer" that gave me a help cleaning the weeds from my boat propeller, thanks Fred, the other young man is an India celebrity Dr. M.K Ranjitsinh former director of wildlife Preservation of India, responsable for establiment of conservation project of tigers, crocodiles, snow lepards, it was a lecture to have them in the tour.