sexta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2008

Images taken during tours

Female anaconda in heat followed by 2 males crossing the transpantaneira, julinho and Gus from Australia
Arjen from Holland and Julinho searching for a giant anteater

We will have catfish for dinner

Trying to get the best cayman shot

Matt Miller from Nature Conservancy society USA got this 3 youngs together, fantastic

Photo taken by Mike Lane from UK

A male giant image taken by Julinho during one of his tours

jaguar spotted in the river bank, feeling confortable with our presence

Spotted at Cuiabá river after missing an attack against a group of capybaras

British TV show

Last February Julinho participated as host in the British tv channel 4 dangerous jobs for girls, julinho, Gonçalo, Branco, Julio Preto and Israel were in charge to teach 3 british girls to become cowboys (photo:Christina Daniels)
Shooting at lunch time during the comitiva, julinho giving the girls a briefing (photo:Christina Daniels)

Prepering a buffalo skull for the lasso practice photo(Christina Daniels)
Tv crew(Photo:Christina Daniels)

The girls learnig how to tight the cow(Photo:Christina Daniels)

Branco e Julinho waiting for action(Photo:Christina Daniels)

Julinho and Gonçalo(Photo:Christina Daniels)

Jaguar tour Pictures

This beautiful shot of a jaguar crossing the river was got by Nicola from Italy
Photo taken by Nicola

Photo taken by Nicola

Pavel Gierycz (Poland)

Great shot Pavel

Male and female in heat got by Simon Dux(UK)

Amazing couple from Giovanni Mari (Italy)